Four crazy creations put to the taste test

Truffle and Potato in Milk Chocolate

Photos and words by Zannia Yakas - Temper Temper Marketing Manager - @chroniclesofzannia

If you’ve been on holiday somewhere warmer for the last month (like me!) you might be surprised to find Temper Temper has already thought up, created and showcased four new flavours all in that short amount of time.
Of course, my priority has been to try them all immediately and tell you what’s up.

Front row and center, we have the Truffle and Potato in Milk Chocolate that’s been voted ‘most likely to raise eyebrows’. The idea of truffle in chocolate is intriguing, and the taste doesn’t let you down. It’s weird. But nice-weird. At first, I was shocked, but the crunchiness of the potato chips got me. I love a good crunchy texture. Definitely a chocolate bar and potential gift idea you won’t forget.

Next, one for the taste buds, the Sriracha, Strawberry and Lime in White Chocolate is zesty, spicy, sweet and creamy all at once.
Fresh strawberries are blitzed and made into a flavoursome leather before being placed on top of premium white chocolate, accompanied by a squeeze of sriracha and a sprinkling of dehydrated lime.
My first thought was, “what on earth am I eating?”
It tastes like an out-there dessert food with a hint of garlic (because, you know, that’s a core ingredient of the famous sriracha sauce). Sriracha fans have been taking this one home but for me I was really enjoying the combo of lime, fresh strawberry and white chocolate before the garlic got in the way. 
Having said that, it is a great novelty bar to share around and was certainly the prettiest to capture in photos.

Now that we're getting into the spirit of winter, the idea of baked spiced pears and roasted parsnips is really quite exciting. Introducing the Pear and Parsnip bar in Milk Chocolate.
Here the Temper Temper chocolatiers have focused on the spice of cinnamon essential oil mixed throughout premium milk chocolate, with dehydrated pear and parsnip flakes on top.
I love the look of the pear, which somewhat resembles pretty crescent moons.
The parsnip provides plenty of crunchy texture among the creamy chocolate, and all up it’s a yummy bar, especially for anyone who loves cinnamon.  

Finally, we have the block that I only just tried yesterday but am already obsessed with. OBSESSED. 
The Carrot Cake in Milk Chocolate.
Such an honest and homely variety of cake – it’s a true classic that everyone loves, am I right?
The Temper Temper chocolatiers really did it justice with this creamy, premium milk chocolate bar that’s been scattered with dehydrated carrot, walnuts and spices.
I don’t even know how they got so much crunch into the carrot, but that and the combo of the thick milk chocolate and perfect balance of whatever spices are in there (I haven’t even asked yet, I don’t care) is just amazing.
A delightfully crunchy gift for people who like to try something new but want to enjoy the whole bar. 

Let me know if you’ve tried any new flavours in the comments below or on the @tempertemper_margaretriver Instagram!

You can find all four flavours for purchase and delivery here.

Zannia Yakas
Zannia Yakas


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