Our team of Chocolatiers have been quietly developing the finest collection of Rocky Roads ever produced. Named after roads you might know, the range is made from premium dark, white and milk chocolate blended with fresh marshmallow and such things as roasted nuts, dried berries, candied fruit, real liquorice or amazing turkish delight. Here's a few currently on the shelves;

Tropical Road features dried mango, coconut and cashews in white chocolate

Freeway South includes cacao nibs and pecans in dark chocolate

Country Lane is milk chocolate with pistachio and glaced orange

The Highway is coffee beans and hazelnuts in milk chocolate

Road Less Travelled - a best seller - is dark chocolate with macadamias and ginger

Long & Winding Road has pistachio, orange and blueberries in dark chocolate

Yellow Brick Road is white chocolate with pecans and apricots

Silk Road is milk chocolate with almonds, pistachio and turkish delight

Route 66 is milk chocolate with liquorice and ginger

They're available online or in-store. Can you resist?

Andrei Koeppen
Andrei Koeppen


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